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What if there was a better way to distribute optical fiber?

Introducing FiberTRAX

an innovation by TRAXyL
A new approach to optical fiber distribution

TRAXyL has developed a new way to distribute optical fiber we call FiberTRAX. As we begin roll-out, FiberTRAX is demonstrating exciting results. Our new technique is faster and less expensive than existing fiber distribution methods. Early adopters of this disruptive innovation are beginning to use this technique to distribute fiber right now. Stay tuned with big things to come in 2017!

  • hours compared to days or weeks

  • by orders of magnitude

  • to property and daily lives

  • simple and easy

TRAXyL Leadership

Engineers, Inventors, Technologists

Daniel R. Turner

Founder & CEO
Entrepreneur, Engineer, Inventor, PM, and COTR, having 12+ years experience with technical communication projects.

Stephen T. Carter

Co-Founder & COO
Certified PMP. PM for 12+ years with emphasis in building automation and controls. Responsible for cradle to grave delivery of projects $100k – $15M.

Phillip K. Turner

Technical Advisor
System engineer, PM, COTR, 30+ years working and managing technical projects, some exceeding $500M.

Keith Turner

Vice President of Sales
40 years retail experience. Majority in sales management in automobile industry. Experience managing company marketing plan, sales development, and training.

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TRAXyL with FiberTRAX technology - connecting you from here to there

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