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What if there was a better way to distribute optical fiber?

Introducing FiberTRAX

an innovation by TRAXyL
A new approach to optical fiber distribution

At TRAXyL, we are turning every road into a digital highway with our product: FiberTRAX. FiberTRAX is the pathway for any city or town to enable a data driven future. FiberTRAX is a smarter optical fiber distribution system that can be used by municipalities, Internet service providers and anyone looking to distribute optical fiber. FiberTRAX protects fiber strands with a highly durable, road-surface bonding material that avoids the cost of trenching. Applying fiber directly to the road is more efficient, less expensive, safer and easier to install and repair than all other industry distribution techniques. This universal technology can stand alone or enhance existing networks. FiberTRAX is a “last mile” solution that provides communities and disconnected areas with the connectivity necessary for essential Internet services.

  • hours compared to days or weeks

  • by orders of magnitude

  • to property and daily lives

  • simple and easy

TRAXyL Leadership

Engineers, Inventors, and Technologists who have a passion to solve the communication challenges of today, to make a better world for tomorrow.

Daniel R. Turner

Co-Founder & CEO
Engineer, Inventor, and Techie. Virginia Tech Computer Science graduate. Experience in telecommunications infrastructure.

Stephen T. Carter

Co-Founder & COO
Certified PMP. Radford University Marketing Graduate. Experience in building automation and infrastructure systems.

Phillip K. Turner

Head of Research
Retired CIA with experience in unprecedented high-risk technical projects.

Keith H. Turner

Vice President of Sales
Experience in automotive and security system marketing plan, sales development, and training.

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TRAXyL with FiberTRAX Technology - Turning Roads into Digital Highways

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