The future of connectivity is on the road.

Our Focus

TRAXyL is making optical data connectivity affordable and accessible to everyone. …and providing a new pathway for 5G backhaul, bringing data from the antenna to the edge.

A FiberTRAX installation is as fast as the speed it delivers.

While laying cable today requires cutting into the ground, our patented process allows fiber to be placed directly onto paved surfaces and sealed in protective coatings.

Cost Efficient

FiberTRAX helps fiber installers and network owners extend optical communications by avoiding underground obstacles and shrinking installation time to hours instead of weeks or months.


FiberTRAX is low-profile and built on the existing road surface, mitigating major disruptions to property and daily life.


FiberTRAX can be installed on any hardened surface and enables “on-demand” fiber access.

We have a track record of success.


Fauquier County, VA

  Town of Warrenton, VA   

Liberty High School

  NSF Funded
  • I've been in the industry a long time and there hasn't been real innovation. Even microtrenching is just a new way to put a trench in the ground. FiberTRAX is something unique and truly revolutionary in communications.

    Mark Wagner Think Big Networks