Camp Loyaltown - Hunter, New York
Case Study

Project Background

Camp Loyaltown, a facility for intellectually disabled children and adults, needed better broadband service throughout their camp to be fully HIPPA compliant and support growing telehealth bandwidth requirements.
Camp Loyaltown is located in the Catskill Mountains in upstate New York and sees severe weather most of the year. The camp needed a new high-speed network installed before camp started up for the summer and had a very limited time window to complete any installation. After several disappointing proposals from other installers that both exceeded budgets and timelines, they learned about TRAXyL and their “painted” fiber solution. Following a few discussions and a site survey, TRAXyL submitted a proposal that was two to three times less than the competitors.
TRAXyL was also able to complete the installation within the weather window and before the next camp began.

The Problem

Due to the remote location and mountainous terrain, the options of boring, trenching, microtrenching, and stringing aerially were not viable and could not be completed in time for camp opening. Camp Loyaltown needed a total of five buildings connected to the main building and the infirmary. The infirmary and main offices were located on opposite sides of the property and a large hill in-between making it cost-prohibitive for trenching or boring. Due to the age of the campground property,
the underground environment was uncertain and the potential to hit underground utilities with trenching, microtrenching, and boring was too great to risk. Camp Loyaltown needed an on-demand, cost-effective solution that didn’t damage underground utilities or the aesthetic of the property, or cause disruptions in day-to-day operations,
and TRAXyL delivered.

The FiberTRAX Solution

Using the paved roads and sidewalks as the pathway, TRAXyL successfully installed FiberTRAX to all five locations on the property in just two days. TRAXyL utilized their installation machines called TRAXtors to perform the installation steps. In some segments, multiple fiber cables were placed in the same channel and were directed to their various respective areas of the facility. TRAXyL delivered connectivity using FiberTRAX directly to the end points where they were required. TRAXyL completed this work two weeks before camp was set to open and two weeks after the notice of award.

The Bottom Line-Value Add

  • TRAXyL completed installation within two weeks of award and before campers were set to arrive for opening
  • The camp avoided unnecessary costs and time delays required for underground locating
  • The overall cost of FiberTRAX was under the budget allocation and was much less than conventional methods
  • Installation completed in two days and had no effects on day-to-day operations
Camp Loyaltown