Car Rental Agency, Dulles Airport, Dulles, Virginia
Case Study

Project Background

In October 2019, a Prime Contractor needed to quickly install a fiber link between two rental car facilities at Dulles International Airport. Due to contractual schedule requirements, the fiber link was required by a near-term deadline.

The Problem

Getting permission to dig on airport property was both extensive and expensive, with the delays preventing the project from meeting the necessary schedule.

The FiberTRAX Solution

TRAXyL presented their solution to the permitting authorities. Once they understood how the solution worked, it was approved in record time: about 30 minutes. TRAXyL installed two FiberTRAX links, totaling 650 feet in length, during a single overnight installation effort. This was accomplished without shutting down rental car operations at the work site. The FiberTRAX links were connected between the buildings to extend an existing network.

The Bottom-Line Value Added

  • The Permitting Approval Process, usually onerous at an International Airport, was completed in record time.
  • 650 feet of fiber was installed during an overnight installation window without impacting the rental car return operations.
  • Two rental car companies had recently merged, and their two separate buildings were networked together.
  • The solution prevented the disruption of any rental car return operations.


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