Dyess Air Force Base, Abilene, Texas
Case Study

Project Background

In March 2021, following a contracted FiberTRAX and TRAXtor training session on an Air Force base in Abilene, Texas, TRAXyL was requested to install a FiberTRAX link for a desired security camera system at the base front gate.

The Problem

Imminent new construction at the base front gate would disable an anti-terrorism security camera.
The system would be down for a period of months. The cost of installing a traditional, but temporary, below ground conduit system to keep the camera system operational was cost and time prohibitive.
An aerial option was also unavailable.

The FiberTRAX Solution

Using a prototype TRAXtor, the TRAXyL team installed a 12 count FiberTRAX cable across the entrance and exit lanes in less than one hour. Once the fibers were connectorized, the security camera system could remain operational. The total project was originally conceived, approved, and implemented in only a 3-day period.

The Bottom-Line Value Added

  • TRAXyL provided a rapid fiber-on-demand installation
  • The quick turnaround enabled design and permitting teams to consider FiberTRAX
    for additional work areas
  • FiberTRAX provided uninterrupted use of a critical camera system that protected
    the base and Air Force employees



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