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FiberCHIX is a conduit for women in tech that provides resources and knowledge for those interested in technology and STEM.

No experience? That’s okay! This is a platform meant to introduce interested learners to available internships and resources to get started in their journey down the fascinating and ever-changing world of tech! 


Have a knack as a jack-of-all-trades and enjoy supporting others? Maybe you like to manage resources and logistics to get things done? If you like the high-speed world of business tech, join this team and get to know the back-office biz. Then it's off to the races!


Cable dissection, fiber termination, splicing - does the world of fiber optics sound exciting? If so, this is the team for you. ElevenRose focuses on the technology of fiber optics and how it can help close the gap in the great digital divide. Get hands-on experience with fiber technicians and learn how fiber connects everyone to everything! Fiber On!


This is for the handy girls! If you find yourself building your own furniture and installing your own decor, this team might be for you. Learn how to build and operate state-of-the-art machinery and tools to get hands-on experience with the things that make the world go round!


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