Greenville, South Carolina Apartment Community
Case Study

Project Background

In May 2019, an Internet Service Provider (ISP) was installing a buried fiber-optic cable network to connect 36 buildings to the clubhouse in an unserved apartment complex in Greenville, South Carolina.
While the project had already been underway for approximately 10 months, the buried cable segments were in place, but had yet to be connected under the intervening roadway.

The Problem

The project was facing a major delay, and a significant cost increase, because the available directional drilling companies were hesitant to bid the job and were submitting excessive bids to cover their risk of damaging an existing, but poorly documented, underground water utility.

The FiberTRAX Solution

The Project Manager contacted TRAXyL to see if they could solve his connectivity problem. TRAXyL responded by installing four FiberTRAX links across the roadway, totaling about 500 feet in length. The links were installed all in one day, and spliced the next day. This was accomplished without impeding resident access to their buildings. The ISP was able to light the network the following week and began receiving network service revenue from the apartment renters the following month.

The Bottom-Line Value Added

  • TRAXyL turned the road from an obstacle into a fiber pathway
  • The project schedule was shrunk to meet deadlines
  • The fast response enabled revenue flow to ISP months sooner than conventional methods
  • The FiberTRAX solution avoided any road shutdowns and allowed access to resident buildings


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