Hot Springs Village, Arkansas
FTTH Case Study

Project Background

Hot Springs Village is a sprawling senior living private community with over 10,000 homes, built around lakes and golf courses, and set within rolling hills and scenic woodlands located southwest of Little Rock, Arkansas.

For years, residents have expressed frustration with low quality internet service and have requested fiber to the home (FTTH). However, the rocky terrain, unmarked utilities, and a desire to maintain the aesthetic beauty of the environment made fiber installation using traditional methods far too costly. The installation would also be disruptive to the community for an extended period – possibly years.

The ISP initially informed the community that fiber may never get installed, and then they found TRAXyL. Working in conjunction with the ISP, a local contract installer, and the community property owners association, an innovative TRAXyL FiberTRAX FTTH solution was designed and approved.
Over a two week period in March, it was installed in 7 working days.
The FiberTRAX solution caused minimal disruption, maintained the pristine aesthetics of the community, and cost just a fraction of traditional methods. The residents were very excited to know they were finally getting fiber that would meet their connectivity needs.

The Problem

Traditional fiber installation methods were explored in-depth and found to be extremely disruptive for the community, requiring months of planning. Installation would include large scale excavations through shallow bedrock and presented high risk for damage to existing underground utilities.
In addition, massive clean-up and property restoration efforts would be necessary. Using traditional methods, the total estimation costs for the project were several times over any acceptable budget.

The FiberTRAX Solution

With a small TRAXyL team using their innovative techniques and TRAXtor equipment, the installation was accomplished on pavement, thus avoiding all utilities and shallow bedrock. FiberTRAX was simple, versatile, and quick to install compared to other methods. After the etchings were created on the roadways, a 24 count (and sometimes a 6-count) micro-armored cable was installed to each handhole along the cable path.

Then a durable resin was deposited over the etched channel and cable, securing it in place and providing another layer of protection.
One challenge that the installation team faced was working in hilly areas with high traffic and narrow roads. To address the hour-long top coat cure time in high traffic areas, previously collected asphalt dust was sprinkled over the freshly applied FiberTRAX resin, allowing traffic to continue immediately after it was deposited.


The ISP, municipality, local contract installer, and the community residents were all very impressed by the speed and efficiency of the TRAXyL team and the FiberTRAX installation process.
Over 13,000 feet of FiberTRAX was deployed on nine roads over the course of two weeks, bringing fiber connectivity to many residents within the community.

The Bottom-Line Value Added

  • TRAXyL installed fiber to help connect approximately
    200 homes
  • FiberTRAX avoided utilities and shallow rock
  • TRAXyL completed the project at a fraction of the cost of other methods
  • The installation occurred in under two weeks rather than months or even years


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