TRAXyL Founders

Daniel Turner, CEO

Daniel Turner, CEO

Virginia Tech, Engineering
Telecommunications & Optical Fiber Expert

”Data consumption and bandwidth demands continue seeing exponential growth making it imperative to build fiber networks more efficiently than ever before.”

Inventor, Entrepreneur, Engineer, and Techie – Daniel Turner is a TRAXyL co-founder and leader of this fast-growing company.

Daniel is passionate about solving the communication challenges of today, to make a better world for tomorrow. Focusing on the last mile problem, Daniel’s vision is to bring affordable broadband access to all using disruptive technologies – the driving force behind the development of FiberTRAX. He holds several patents for his work creating the innovative technology and equipment that makes his vision a reality.

He has previously worked for the U.S. Government where he gained significant experience related to telecommunications and optical fiber. He also managed complicated and expensive technical development projects.

Stephen Carter, COO

Radford University, Business
Digital Controls and System Integration Expert

“In today’s digital economy, connectivity is vital to individuals, municipalities, and businesses. It is the responsibility of companies to adapt and provide solutions that enable well-connected, safe, and efficient communities.”

Stephen Carter is a TRAXyL co-founder who is deeply committed to helping close the divide between urban and non-urban access to high-speed internet.

He has been an integral part of the TRAXyL team since the beginning. Deftly combining his problem-solving, strategic thinking, sales, management and finance skills, Stephen has guided TRAXyL through its substantial growth.

He is an experienced industry professional and startup founder with a demonstrated history of working in the telecommunications and construction industries. Stephen was responsible for cradle to grave delivery of projects for complex mechanical systems including building automation, network integrations, security, and electrical systems. His experience and leadership spans across multiple industries, providing solutions to critical problems, while keeping an eye on profitable revenue growth.

Stephen Carter, COO


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