Founded in 1997, MindShare handpicks CEOs every year from the area’s hottest emerging growth companies to come together in a private, intimate setting. Its mission is to help CEOs build long-term, sustainable companies by creating opportunities for growth, building a sense of community, and fostering teamwork in a collegial environment.

‘We are delighted that TRAXyL will be a part of this year’s program.  Each year we strive to choose a class that represents strength and diversity of new tech companies in the region,” stated Steve Balistreri, Managing Director at Deloitte and executive committee board member. “We received more than 200 nominations this year, so it is a great distinction to be a part of this year’s class.”

The 2018 members of MindShare will attend series of classes led by notable speakers on topics for building a business at the CEO level. At the end of the year, members with significant attendance will graduate and then join the powerful alumni network of more than 1,000 CEOs. The 2018 class kicked off with a special event at the Capital One Arena hosted by Ted Leonsis and the MindShare Board.

MindShare is run by co-chairs Harry Glazer of SprockitApril Young of Hercules Technology Growth Capital, Inc.; and Gene Riechers of 1855 Capital. The Board’s Executive Committee also includes Steve Balistreri of Deloitte & Touche, LLP, and Michael Lincoln of Cooley, LLP. MindShare is supported by a board of industry veterans who are committed to building a strong ecosystem for success.

About TRAXyL

TRAXyL is turning every road into a digital highway with their product: FiberTRAX. FiberTRAX is the pathway for any city or town to enable a data driven future. FiberTRAX is a smarter optical fiber distribution system that can be used by municipalities, Internet service providers and anyone looking to distribute optical fiber. FiberTRAX protects fiber strands with a highly durable, road-surface bonding material that avoids the cost of trenching. Applying fiber directly to the road is more efficient, less expensive, safer and easier to install and repair than all other industry distribution techniques. This universal technology can stand alone or enhance existing networks. FiberTRAX is a “last mile” solution that provides communities and disconnected areas with the connectivity necessary for essential Internet services.

About MindShare 
Founded in 1997, MindShare’s mission is to help CEOs from the most promising high tech emerging growth companies in the Greater Washington Metropolitan region build long-term, sustainable companies by providing mentorship, creating business opportunities and a sense of community, and fostering teamwork in a collegial environment. Year after year, the CEOs who graduate from MindShare reaffirm its enduring value through continued business opportunities and lasting friendships.