Tyndall Air Force Base: Rapid Installation – Panama City, Florida
Case Study

Project Background

After a previous installation on the flightline of Tyndall Air Force Base, a different unit at the base reached out to TRAXyL requesting a new installation. This installation had a time constraint and needed to be completed before a group of Air Force members were transferred to Tyndall. The approximate due date for completed installation was just two months after TRAXyL received the request.

The Problem

Due to past hurricanes and natural disasters, existing buildings were being repurposed or semi-permanent buildings were being constructed. None of the locations identified had adequate data connectivity just weeks before members of the Air Force were scheduled to work from these buildings. Due to the time constraint, a traditional network design, bid, and build process was detrimental to the base operations schedule. The project team needed another way to provide connectivity to the necessary areas within the deadline.

The FiberTRAX Solution

Due to the previous FiberTRAX installation, members of Tyndall were familiar with its ability to be rapidly deployed and shared this with the project team. TRAXyL was quickly able to propose network layouts for each location and mobilize a team for installation. Over a weekend, TRAXyL successfully provided the necessary data connections to five buildings using FiberTRAX. The TRAXyL team made transitions into handholes to extend the existing fiber network, spliced the newly installed FiberTRAX cables, and provided OTDR reports to verify stable and reliable connectivity. The buildings received connectivity a week ahead of schedule.

The Bottom-Line Value Added

  • Completed installation in under three days without disruptions to daily operations
  • Provided connectivity a week before it was required
  • Provided a turn-key installation – design, materials, and labor to install racks, switches, cabling (trenching, indoors, and FiberTRAX), splices, and test reports
  • Completed system was 100% operable upon completion with no wait times for connectivity
  • Estimated cost savings from conventional methods upwards of 50%
  • Estimated time savings from conventional methods was approximately three months
Tyndall Air Force Base: Rapid Installation – Panama City, FL