Tyndall Air Force Base, Panama City, Florida - Flightline of the Future - Case Study

Project Background

TRAXyL was awarded an AFWERX Challenge Contract for the Base of Future at Tyndall Air Force Base located in Panama City, Florida. Due to a massive hurricane strike, Tyndall had suffered extreme damage to existing infrastructure and was on the verge of closing the base. The AFWERX Challenge was positioned towards using Tyndall as a testbed for innovations that would be able to help elevate Tyndall, re-develop the base better than ever, and discover cutting-edge technologies to be used widespread throughout the Air Force.

The Problem

An aircraft landing safety sensor on the far side of the Tyndall AFB flightline had lost connectivity and could not be utilized by base operations or landing aircraft. After over three years of searching for ways to reestablish connectivity, no viable solution had been identified that was safe to flightline operations. Standard techniques to run cables underground were incompatible solutions, utility poles did not exist, and wireless was not approved for this area of the flightline. Some of the setbacks for installing underground included creating an inoperable flightline due to construction activities, detrimental impact to the underground utilities, and inordinate costs due to the length of the installation through approximately 6-foot-deep concrete.

The FiberTRAX Solution

TRAXyL installed 8,500 feet of fiber-optic cable onto the active flightline using the TRAXtor in two days without any flightline operation interference. These cables were routed through newly installed handholes, spliced, and fully connected by the TRAXyL team.

The Bottom Line-Value Add

  • TRAXyL turned an assumed obstacle (flightline) into a fiber pathway
  • Completed project in two days so usage could begin immediately
  • Omitted all shutdowns previously required by conventional methods
  • No impact to flightline operations
Tyndall AFB Flightline of the Future