West Milton, Ohio, Department of Transportation Bridge
Case Study

Project Background

In November 2020, the town of West Milton, Ohio needed to quickly install optical fibers across a highway bridge to meet commitments that had been made to a property developer on the far side of the bridge and to a middle-mile service provider who wanted to connect to a cell tower on the other side of the Stillwater River.

The Problem

Directional drilling under the river was cost and schedule prohibitive. A request to mount conduit under or along the bridge was denied by Ohio Department of Transportation.

The FiberTRAX Solution

Using FiberTRAX equipment, TRAXyL installed four 24 count fiber-optic cables, two on each side of the bridge, for a total of 96 fibers. The total FiberTRAX length was 2,240 feet and was accomplished in two days with minimal lane closures while the bridge remained open. 24 fibers were allocated to the nearby town for an anticipated broadband initiative, and 72 fibers were assigned to a middle mile Contractor Project Partner. This provided a service connection to a nearby cell tower, fiber bandwidth for sale to any customer in a new development, and redundant/reserve fibers installed in place.

The Bottom-Line Value Added

  • The town met their commitments to the property developer
  • The contractor began to see revenue from the project for high speed connectivity to a new development almost immediately without bearing a large capital expense
  • The solution illustrated FiberTRAX as both a last-mile and middle-mile solution
    and for wireless backhaul
  • FiberTRAX solidified itself as a quick solution to install fiber across bridges